#PhirSeHogaSavera | ZEE

#PhirSeHogaSavera | ZEE

We might be apart, but we are in this together. And before we know it there will be days of parks and beaches. Of lunches with friends and traveling for holidays wherever we want them to be. We just need to keep the faith. #PhirSeHogaSavera

The film is a message of hope and positive thinking, seen through the purest eyes of children who drew what they want the world to be. Conceptualised by Piyush Pandey, Shankar Mahadevan, Rajiv Rao, and supported by ZEE, the film salutes the vision of Young India. Special thanks to the students of Delhi based artists Santosh Jain, Nai Disha, Sapana Shindolkar, Parisar Asha and Beacon High School for their contribution to the human spirit.

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 #PhirSeHogaSavera | ZEE

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